UNIX versions I have outstanding competence in:

  • Linux
  • Sun / Oracle Solaris

I can provide professional services in the following categories:

  • troubleshooting with RCA (even hopeless cases)

you have

  • an app running on UNIX and you want to understand why it misbehaves
  • anything within your UNIX environment you don’t understand
  • a problem nobody can resolve neither your own staff or your vendor support
  • UNIX security related questions/observations at any depth
  • performance related problems
  • a particular project which requires proper consultancy, design and documentation
  • consultancy
  • design & architect
  • automation
  • virtualization
  • anything you can think of! custom program development using shell/Perl/Python/DTrace, etc.

Since my services are individual cases each time, please contact me for a discussion of your case and pricing.