My name is Andras Spitzer, -better known as sendai- a UNIX professional.

At very early stage of my career I realized that in order to understand the in-depth soul of UNIX I have to understand everything around it. Storage subsystems, networking components, applications, programming languages.

As a result even though I always kept a close relationship with UNIX I also wondered around multiple areas of IT, resulting a better understanding of how things work behind the curtain. As I grew older and found myself on less of the daily UNIX routines and more of the design and convoluted troubleshootings my background gave me a sound foundation which proven to be a very fruitful investment. I have outstanding experience with Sun Oracle Solaris and Linux, similar worlds from a totally different angle.

Please feel free to download my resumé.

Thank you for visiting, also you can reach me at my UNIX solutions company,  Simplex One.